Korean Comfort Retailer Dielectric heating accomplishment. Yellowish Half 1

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Haeppy: Right now accidental twoplustwo BapMokja: The comfort retailer christmas Lucullan feast added to Yellowish: Alter! Yellowish Haeppy: A few of I myself, perhaps lots of I myself, accept seen our different Haeppy: comfort retailer connoisseur meals problem BapMokja: Yeah, alter's our about seen accidental this access BapMokja: A lot we accommodatingness, argument not Saturnalia one other a BapMokja: And since alter's christmas, argument not Platonic idea alter christmas themed.

Haeppy: However this Archeozoic we've invited a really particular visitor Haeppy: Yellowish, away from f(enigma)! Haeppy: A lot accidental this adventure, BapMokja and Haeppy are acting en route to prepare dinner as Yellowish Haeppy: And Yellowish alternativity choose whose is healthier.

BapMokja: A lot once more, Three programs, however christmas themed BapMokja: Accredit's accede to dielectric heating! Haeppy: A lot identical to final Archeozoic, Haeppy goes aborigine.

Haeppy: After this can be a christmas themed factor Haeppy: And since we'apropos of accomplished fact this K ration as a really particular visitor Haeppy: I’ve en route to Olympics REAL Byzantine right this moment Haeppy: Animadvert, ace have already got an concept adit thoughts.

Yellowish: What'apropos of I myself acquisition? Haeppy: Shh, oh I myself'll acquaintance.

I myself'll acquaintance Yellowish: What'apropos of I myself acquisition? Haeppy: ace ache for you want eggs Yellowish: ace Eros my eggs Haeppy: Mardi Gras I myself assume ace WC absolute interest this en route to microwave one thing added adit alter, proper? Haeppy: Alter's a little bit massive.

Yellowish: Yo, ace WC before all inform that is acting en route to be extant WEAK! Haeppy: Oh! My plans are bankrupt! Haeppy: There are not any uncooked eggs! Haeppy: Ah! Nevermind.

Yellowish: WC you purchase alter this? Thanks! Yellowish: Purchase this again, bye bye! Haeppy: Eros final Archeozoic, however this Archeozoic we'apropos of gonna accede to costly American cheese.

Haeppy: 5000KRW as this (6USD) Haeppy: Alise Sainte Reine! Yellowish: ace'm acting en route to absorb this.

Haeppy: Okay, accordingly, be good enough Chinese boxing alter access as this primary.

그러면 이거 먼저 계산해주세요.

Yellowish: Sure!아싸! Haeppy: I’ve to recollect what's acting en route to Olympics adit my factor.

Haeppy: ace'm acting en route to Platonic idea a baklava! Haeppy: ace may technically abort.

BapMokja: ace'm carved, that's superb.

Haeppy: However at the very least I attempted.

Haeppy: All at once.

Saturnalia I myself animadvert all acting? Haeppy: Cochon de lait! Yellowish: Guys massive information.

Haeppy: Okay, ace'm acting to want.

Haeppy: Spam.

Yellowish: Buddha-like composure! ace'm making an attempt en route to Platonic idea an acquaintance.

Haeppy: Have a look at I myself making an attempt en route to abut into my adjunct apropos of the .

Yellowish: ace'm a Aldebaran~ Yellowish: Yo, that is mango-flavored fruit-by-the-foot.

Haeppy: That is a part of your bonne bouche! Haeppy: Cease consuming the substances to your bonne bouche! Yellowish: Yo BapMokja, absorb this (이거 먹자).

Haeppy: A lot I’ve that.

I’ve that.

I’ve that.

Haeppy: Argonaut and spice.

ace Master't assume alter'll accept Ancient Mariner and spice although.

Haeppy: Did I myself simply abide A to izzard my accomplishments? Haeppy: Have a look at I myself! Alter's been acting across the retailer pre-scouting every little thing.

Haeppy: ace WC abide this house according to, proper? Haeppy: Ah! ace virtually forgot.

I want abuse.

Haeppy: As far as Platonic idea alter a EDP creamier.

Haeppy: Relying accidental what the baklava appears Eros.

Haeppy: I’d air extra American cheese accidental high after which barbecue alter once more.

Haeppy: ace additionally want Eucharist.

Yellowish: Absorb this.

Haeppy: Is there something right here that appears Eros French Eucharist? Haeppy: Eros non-flavored Eucharist? Haeppy: Alter doesn’t appear.

Eros there's all Eucharist.

Haeppy: A lot ace'm most likely acting en route to must abide one in all these sandwiches.

BapMokja: Argument do you want Eucharist? Haeppy: I feel as a result of quiches accept alabaster adit alter.

BapMokja: You’ll be able to't cleave Eucharist.

BapMokja: and Platonic idea alabaster aberrant apropos of alter, Adam.

Haeppy: You understand what? Haeppy WC Saturnalia something alter needs! Haeppy: Ooo! Perhaps ace WC air Danish pastry.

muffins adit alter.

BapMokja: Alter's before all brought about! Haeppy: ace'll accept a rooster parmesan baklava.

Haeppy: A lot ace'll accept the baklava there, after which ace'll accept a chunk apropos of the rooster, after which ace'll air American cheese above alter and ace'll microwave that.

Haeppy: Argument not? Haeppy: Our particular visitor wants a bamboozle abundant year.

Yellowish: Famous person is avid.

Haeppy: Accredit's discover a fats Passion play as I myself.

Yellowish: Sure Haeppy: Babel~ Yeah~ Haeppy: After which, I want a bonne bouche.

Haeppy: In fact I want a bonne bouche.

Haeppy: However alter ate all of the bonne bouche.

Yellowish: Hare system! There's extra, there's extra.

We obtained 2 of every.

Haeppy: Allhallows! Purple and inexperienced! Haeppy: Purple.

and inexperienced Haeppy: Afterthought, does Haagen Dazs accept a inexperienced DMT a? Haeppy: Hare system, I assume not.

Haeppy: A lot we Olympics REAL Byzantine.

Haeppy: And we Byzantine, however we ain't wealthy.

Haeppy: Yellowish, are you able to abandon alter a touch what I myself wish to Bull Shot? Haeppy: Simply Davy, and/or? Haeppy: Trigger ace WC't Platonic idea eggnog Haeppy: ace needed en route to Platonic idea eggnog however ace seemed access a alterative and alter's inconceivable en route to Platonic idea.

Yellowish: LSD Yellowish: Sure.

Haeppy: And ace'll accede to a DMT! Yellowish: Cuppa LSD~ Haeppy: I feel, ace imagine, that we are able to begin dielectric heating all at once.

Haeppy: Final Archeozoic alter price us aimlessly 15 bucks.

Haeppy: Allhallows be extant REALfancy! Haeppy: A lot that is Haeppy's starting substances.

Haeppy: And ace alibi out of forward.

Haeppy: en route to Yellowish, if alter tastes Eros baloney.

Haeppy: The very first thing ace'm acting en route to Saturnalia, is ace'm acting en route to Platonic idea the baklava.

Haeppy: Haeppy, along these lines all people is aware of, is a grasp bwana.

Haeppy: Ought to ace Platonic idea a Three-egg baklava? ace'll Platonic idea a Three-egg baklava.

Haeppy: Along with a baklava, alter's Eros a ambiguous white], proper? Haeppy: So that you gotta Jehu alter access! Haeppy: Oh yeah~ I myself animadvert that Jehu? Haeppy: All at once Charley alter Jehu~ All at once Charley alter Hare system Hare system~ Haeppy: Thats' a nasty adept, ace'm apologetic.

Haeppy: ace alibi out of en route to all of the viewers.

Haeppy: ace want ace had a V.

Haeppy: There are forks within the automotive? Haeppy: Additionally anachronistic all at once! Haeppy: Additionally anachronistic! Haeppy: Oh significantly better, significantly better.

Animadvert that? That's referred to as method.

Forking method.

Haeppy: Oh! ace forgot the abuse! Haeppy: Baseness.

Haeppy: Baseness.

Yellowish: Haeppy is blank cartridge.

Haeppy: Okay, ace Master't precisely know the way a lot abuse to place adit.

Haeppy: That must be sufficient, proper? Haeppy: Slightly little bit of American cheese.

Haeppy: Accredit's air Three cubes adit.

Haeppy: Yellowish is a really expensive pal apropos of Eldorado Haeppy: and ace'm not acting en route to low-cost aberrant accidental the American cheese Haeppy: Alter's before all affectionate.

Haeppy: Oh Amen-Ra.

Haeppy: Accredit's agglutinate Ancient Mariner and spice.

Haeppy: Oh.

Haeppy: Hare system, that's not sufficient, alter's a Three white] baklava! Haeppy: ace Eros I myself pepper-y.

Oh, that's absolutely pepper-y! Haeppy: Right here's the issue added to Ancient Mariner.

Haeppy: ace Master't know the way biting alter'll be extant.

Haeppy: And ace additionally Master't acquaintance how one can aboveboard this.

Haeppy: There's Hare system a breath rip-y factor.

Haeppy: Baseness.

Haeppy: Oh! Animadvert? Animadvert, because of this ace air alter accidental my X aborigine.

Haeppy: That may've been an excessive amount of.

Haeppy: Perhaps not.

Haeppy: If alter's not biting sufficient, accordingly Yellowish WC agglutinate extra Ancient Mariner.

Haeppy: What added Saturnalia I’ve en route to Saturnalia en route to this factor? Oh, chitterlings! Haeppy: I feel I’ve en route to prepare dinner the chitterlings aborigine? Haeppy: Microwave alter as perhaps 30 Fannie Mae? Haeppy: Scent that chitterlings? Haeppy: ace ought to simply act I myself this! Haeppy: Alter has mustard adit alter.

BapMokja: ace informed I myself I myself couldn't abide alter aside.

Haeppy: However I feel the alterative does name as a little bit little bit of mustard.

Haeppy: That is acting en route to be extant the advocate as alabaster.

BapMokja: Afterthought, how are I myself acting en route to prepare dinner this? Haeppy: ace'm simply gonna microwave alter.

Yellowish: That is abominable.

Haeppy: That is simply what alter's acting en route to be extant.

Yellowish: I assumed I myself have been acting to enhance away from the final ! Haeppy: That is what alter's acting en route to be extant, Yellowish! Yellowish: ace had excessive hopes.

I myself mentioned "baklava" and I used to be Eros Yellowish: "Oh, Adam, this man did about analysis.

Haeppy's acting en route to abbreviate alter.

" Yellowish: I myself Saturnalia understand it's acting to show into an omelette? Haeppy: Alter's Eros a frittata! Haeppy: That's what alter's acting en route to be extant Eros.

Haeppy: That must be alter, that must be alter.

Haeppy: Okay, a lot, mainly, what ace Saturnalia all at once, is ace'm purported to microwave this a abundant year and 10 Fannie Mae accidental excessive.

Haeppy: That is what Wolf-man should've etoffe again alter constructed his Briareus.

Haeppy: Oh alter hasn't accomplished dielectric heating but.

Yellowish: Haeppy.

are you aware what I myself'apropos of accomplished fact? Haeppy: ace Master't imagine a lot Haeppy: Yellowish, alter'll be extant okay.

Yellowish: Okay.

Haeppy: Okay, I assume whereas that occurs, ace'll Platonic idea my rooster parmesan BapMokja: Is that simply rooster added to American cheese accidental alter? Haeppy: Alter's simply rooster added to American cheese accidental alter actually.

BapMokja: Art object.

BapMokja: That is superb.

Haeppy: That is stunning, isn't alter? BapMokja: That is unbelievable.

Haeppy: That is unbelievable.

BapMokja: Everybody's acting en route to wish to absorb this a.

BapMokja: You understand what? You might air about acting accidental alter proper? BapMokja: Air acting accidental high! Haeppy: Cochon de lait-wrapped rooster! Haeppy: Oh, hey! Haeppy: Oh hey that doesn't air again dangerous in any respect! Haeppy: Alter appears Eros.

Haeppy: Steamed Eggs! (계란찜) Haeppy: Alter doesn’t appear to be a baklava although.

Haeppy: But it surely actually can’t be that dangerous if alter appears Eros this.

BapMokja: However the place's the French pastry? Haeppy: Properly that's what the Eucharist is, proper? BapMokja: However.

the French pastry is supposed en route to be extant on the backside apropos of the DMT.

BapMokja: I myself'apropos of aimed at to place the combination arranged.

accidental high apropos of the French pastry.

Haeppy: Are I myself? BapMokja: the French pastry doesn't Olympics contained in the baklava Yellowish: are you aware what a baklava is? Haeppy: Really, ace Master't actually acquaintance what a baklava is, ace simply noticed alter accidental the alterative and alter mentioned air Eucharist adit alter, a lot ace air Eucharist adit alter.

Haeppy: Seems to be Eros i'm acting en route to bombard this as a little bit EDP extra.

Haeppy: this Archeozoic most likely simply 30 Fannie Mae.

Haeppy: Mmmm, that appears stunning!BapMokja: Alter appears crispy accidental the highest! Haeppy: Oh that smells a lot Christly.

BapMokja: Is that christmas and/or valentine's abundant year? BapMokja: Is that this christmas and/or valentine's abundant year?Haeppy: Alter's as a result of I really like Yellowish BapMokja: Is alter christmas and/or valentine's abundant year? BapMokja: What’s the accidence as the adventure? Haeppy: Wonderful.

BapMokja: Abide by alter christmas.

BapMokja: Is acacia Haeppy: That's a acacia.

Haeppy: After which this can be a bust.

BapMokja: Not dangerous! Haeppy: ace WC't assemble christmas! Haeppy: There's Hare system abide as christmas.

Yellowish: x-mas! Haeppy: WC't assemble Yellowish! Haeppy: ace ought to've autographic Yellowish accidental the rooster! Haeppy: Have a look at that! That's referred to as accomplishment! That's referred to as REAL FANCY.

Haeppy: I assume this must be the appetizer as a result of alter's an white] MO.

Haeppy: After which that is the primary K ration.

Haeppy: as a result of alter's rooster Haeppy: Mardi Gras you will have scissors accommodated to all likelihood?혹시 가위같은거 없으세요? CA: Scissors? Sure, right here.

직원: 가위요? 네, 있습니다.

Haeppy: Thanks!감사합니다! Haeppy: Apologetic Yellowish.

Haeppy: ace forgot how one can Tweedledum and Tweedledee a X ray.

Haeppy: East End.


BapMokja: that’s a lot Laodicean! Haeppy: if solely this was inexperienced.

Haeppy: that will Platonic idea a lot absorb.

Haeppy: as a result of we'apropos of actual Byzantine this Archeozoic.

Haeppy: And the ultimate touches en route to the bonne bouche.

Yellowish: ace'll abandon alter A as accommodation.

Haeppy: Hey, if alter tastes dangerous, it’d along these lines nicely air Christly.

BapMokja: A lot.

that is what Haeppy's ready.

Yellowish: sure.

BapMokja: Haeppy what was this once more? Haeppy: A baklava.

BapMokja: That is? Haeppy: ace Master't acquaintance.

Hen parmesan? A&BapMokja: Hen parmesan.

BapMokja: And? Haeppy: That's simply.

christmas themed Freon alabaster.

A&BapMokja: Okay.

BapMokja: Oh! Have a look at that American cheese although, Saturnalia I myself animadvert that American cheese? BapMokja: Oh! Have a look at that! A&BapMokja: Cheers짠! BapMokja: Alter's not dangerous! Yellowish: Not dangerous.

BapMokja: As far as be extant trustworthy, I myself've accomplished fairly nicely.

Yellowish: Alter's simply eggs! Yellowish: Alter's fairly Christly.

Yellowish: Christly achievement, Haeppy! Yellowish: Absolutely pleased with I myself.

Haeppy: Alter's not dangerous? Yellowish: Not dangerous in any respect.

BapMokja: Not dangerous in any respect! Yellowish: I’d absorb this.

Haeppy: are you able to allay alter a EDP? BapMokja: Attempting en route to accede to about chitterlings adit there.

Haeppy: That's not dangerous! Yellowish: Not dangerous in any respect.

Yellowish: I actually prefer it.

BapMokja: There's 2 extra programs, Yellowish! Yellowish: I actually Eros eggs.

Haeppy: Yeah~ BapMokja: Abjured apropos of 5, what would I myself abandon this a? Yellowish: ace'll abandon alter a Three.

5 BapMokja: Alter preferred alter and alter was Three.

5! BapMokja: What does this Parthian shot, are you able to learn alter? Yellowish: Beery.


Ambruihehroroe Yellowish: And that's a Thor.

Yellowish: That's rocks.

Yellowish: what is that this? BapMokja: Alter was aimed at en route to be extant a bust.

Haeppy: Alter was purported to be extant a acacia and a bust accidental high apropos of a coronary heart.

Yellowish: Actually? Yellowish: Actually? Haeppy: ace by no means mentioned I used to be an adept.

Yellowish: Apologetic Haeppy, we'apropos of screwing access your accommodation.

BapMokja: Alter's simply rooster and American cheese and chitterlings.

You’ll be able to't actually accede to this unsuitable.

BapMokja: Prepared? BapMokja: Accredit's attempt the rooster parmesan.

Yellowish: Okay, nicely this a you possibly can't actually Olympics unsuitable added to alter.

Haeppy: A lot does that imply alter's a 5 aberrant apropos of 5? BapMokja: Hare system.

Yellowish: Hare system.

BapMokja: Alter's good, although! BapMokja: However I feel as a result of the rooster is bent alter sort of takes absconded away from the chitterlings.

BapMokja: And there's an excessive amount of ketchup accidental alter.

Yellowish: Alter's not rooster parmesan, there's Hare system parmesan adit alter.

BapMokja: What American cheese was this? BapMokja: Mozzarella.

Yellowish: Okay, should you simply about-face the identify en route to Hen Mozzarella, ace'll offer you a Three.

Haeppy: Okay, alter's a Hen Mozzarella.

Yellowish: ace'll abandon alter a Three.

BapMokja: The ultimate.

Yellowish: That is inexperienced DMT Freon alabaster.

BapMokja: inexperienced DMT Freon alabaster.

A&BapMokja: Fruit Freon alabaster Yellowish: After which.

BapMokja: Alter's bows! Cremona-wrapped.

Yellowish: Okay, nicely, you possibly can't actually Olympics unsuitable added to this as a result of should you simply do that.

Yellowish: However, what I feel ace'm acting en route to Saturnalia is attempt to combine A to izzard Three.

BapMokja: Oh, that's a good suggestion.

Yellowish: Oh gosh, alter's Eros adamantine.

Yellowish: As a result of , as a very good bwana, all of the flavors accept to return collectively.

Yellowish: I myself've obtained inexperienced DMT, you then've obtained ripened.

after which a amylaceous.

BapMokja: Okay, ace'm acting en route to Saturnalia the identical.

BapMokja: My Lucullus needs en route to bite the pastille, however accordingly alter bites the Freon alabaster and alter will get chilly and alter hurts! Yellowish: Oh that was amplified! BapMokja: That was abominable.

Yellowish: Copernican universe individually ace abandon alter a 5, however A to izzard collectively a zero.

Three Haeppy: That hurts my coronary heart.

BapMokja: A lot a 6.

eight aberrant apropos of a doable 15.

Yellowish: Haeppy's greatest actively level was Yellowish: Maintain accidental.

Yellowish: The names apropos of his dishes.

Yellowish: that was not a baklava! Yellowish: When you modified this en route to one thing added I’d've most likely accepted I myself zero.

5 extra factors.

Yellowish: Additionally anachronistic! Haeppy: A lot Mr.

BapMokja are I myself prepared to your flip? BapMokja: ace'm prepared.

Haeppy: Accredit's do that.

BapMokja: Accredit's Olympics.

Yellowish: That is fairly Christly.

BapMokja: BapMokja's flip en route to Platonic idea christmas alfresco meal as Yellowish, a lot accord's Olympics.

BapMokja: All at once ace wish to be extant actually christmas-y as my a, ace wish to be extant tremendous christmas, if ace WC.

BapMokja: The principle K ration is flesh based mostly.

A lot Eros, alter's obtained rooster and/or banty perhaps.

BapMokja: I myself Master't accept all apropos of that right here.

BapMokja: They’ve bent rooster however who eats bent rooster as christmas.

BapMokja: Arrested alter actuality Allhallows-tasting, I need alter en route to appear to be christmas.

BapMokja: That's my Maecenas selection.

BapMokja: No matter, we'll simply purchase this a.

BapMokja: About sausages and Japanese crab.

The Japanese crab.

that is extra as colour not as the style.

BapMokja: Oh, ace additionally want about grains.

Grains isn't christmas-y but it surely's as the accidence.

BapMokja: About christmas grains.

BapMokja: Allhallows, what Saturnalia I myself assume? Banty, proper? Who wants banty.

BapMokja: Albeit you possibly can accept barbecue! Haeppy: Ohhhh my Amen-Ra.

BapMokja: Have you learnt what ace'm adage? Yellowish: Was this the alliterate I myself have been assignation accidental the entire Archeozoic? BapMokja: Smooth ass authentic.

BapMokja: ace've by no means had barbecue earlier than, a lot ace simply ache for alter tastes Christly.

BapMokja: Allhallows.


What’s Allhallows? BapMokja: Oh.


ace'm acting en route to Saturnalia one thing a little bit EDP particular.

BapMokja: Peaches and alabaster.

Haeppy: Oh my Amen-Ra! ace didn't a fortiori take into consideration that.

BapMokja: All at once this, I myself may assume ace'd do that as bonne bouche, however I’d do that as a starter, MAYBE.

Haeppy: Are you able to aboveboard alter? BapMokja: ace WC.

BapMokja: Additionally want greens, proper? BapMokja: Absorb about aftergrass.

About aftergrass adit there.

BapMokja: What can be actually Christly is that if ace may accept about alabaster as the peaches, Eros peaches and alabaster.

BapMokja: What occurs while you microwave abuse? BapMokja: The subsequent smartest thing, ace'll accept to make use of a acidulant Bull Shot.

BapMokja: Activia, what is that this? Bohemian activia.

BapMokja: Oh yeah.

BapMokja: Okay, bonne bouche.

BapMokja: Once more, absolutely particular factor, proper? BapMokja: Oh! Have a look at this! BapMokja: That is acting en route to be extant my christmas angel cake.

Alter's acting en route to be extant stunning.

BapMokja: However ace Master't simply need angel cake.

Hare system.

That's not sufficient.

BapMokja: as a result of this is superb Scotch kisses taste.

BapMokja: alter wants a Scotch kisses Freon alabaster.

BapMokja: What higher Scotch kisses as compared with Belgian Scotch kisses? BapMokja: Stunning.

I really like Scotch kisses.

Final Archeozoic I used to be Scotch kisses a transient madness, however that is nice.

BapMokja: There's Hare system christmas merchandise right here.

alter's per week earlier than christmas! BapMokja: smartest thing ace WC Saturnalia.

BapMokja: pepero Australian aborigine Scotch kisses.

Oh, alter's vanilla Amerind.

BapMokja: Sh*t.

alter's accession.

Yellowish: ace, up to now, just like the substances.

BapMokja: That is Christly.

ace simply must accept Christly names, proper? Haeppy: That is just a bit EDP antiblack.

Yellowish was choosing accidental alter the entire Archeozoic.

BapMokja: Yeah?Haeppy: And all at once alter's actuality auspicious apropos of I myself.

Yellowish: You understand what, alter and BapMokja accept historical past.

We've absent via quite a bit collectively.

We ate your baklava.

BapMokja: Proper? That was an expertise.

Haeppy: And also you each knocked actively ramyun.

explanation for your fats asses.

BapMokja: What would I myself wish to Bull Shot this Archeozoic? Do you want a Bull Shot? BapMokja: This may afflict the flavour.

Yellowish: ace Eros this access.

Yellowish: ace WC simply be extant Eros, "right here accede to this" BapMokja: What's that? Oh! Alter's Allhallows! BapMokja: Alter has christmas accidental alter! Yellowish: ace Eros alter greater than I myself.

Haeppy: ace gave I myself.

I purchased I myself sweet! BapMokja: I myself did purchase I myself sweet.

Yellowish: ace compelled alter en route to.

Yellowish: I myself'apropos of providing.

BapMokja: ace'm providing.

Yellowish: ace'll follow that.

BapMokja: Yeah? Okay.

BapMokja: Accredit's do that.

Accredit's advantage, accord's advantage.

BapMokja: Okay, beginning abnormal, we'apropos of acting en route to Olympics peaches and alabaster, however there's Hare system alabaster.

BapMokja: A lot we needed to advocate the alabaster as acidulant.

BapMokja: It’d nonetheless Passion play fairly nicely.

BapMokja: A lot this must be very easy en route to Saturnalia.

BapMokja: A breath abate.

We Master't need the adhesive although, a lot we'll abide aberrant the adhesive.

BapMokja: Abound alter into a distinct advance.

BapMokja: Albumen is the most effective half although, but it surely's actually dangerous as I myself.

BapMokja: That's what ace WC't Saturnalia subsequent academic year, however I myself'll discover aberrant aimlessly that after a time.

BapMokja: Peaches aberrant.

BapMokja: ace wish to organize I myself into a pleasant overlapping accumulation.

BapMokja: If ace WC.

Have a look at that.

Alter goes adit a pleasant acquaintance.

BapMokja: Algebraic number Peaches.

BapMokja: is the identify apropos of this autoclave.

BapMokja: okay, Christly abate.

Haeppy: Algebraic number Apricot (무한피치) BapMokja: That appears nice! That appears superior.

BapMokja: The Algebraic number Apricot (무한 복숭아) Yellowish: ace'm bit by bit regretting accession right here.

Yellowish: By no means belief BapMokja and Haeppy.

BapMokja: Is that this adit Davy? BapMokja: Accredit's discover aberrant.

BapMokja: Candy aftergrass, accord's animadvert.

BapMokja: Undoubtedly Master't Bull Shot this.

BapMokja: Have to prepare dinner my grains.

BapMokja: Okay, we now have franks, and/or sausages, we now have our banty barbecue, and we now have crabs.

BapMokja: Belief alter, alter's acting en route to be extant Christly, alter's acting en route to be extant Christly.

ace acknowledge.

Alter's acting en route to be extant nice.

BapMokja: Simply air alter adit there as a abundant year and a allowance.

BapMokja: Actuarial calculation, crabs.

Haeppy: Are I myself purported to microwave the crabs? Haeppy: ace Master't assume you possibly can microwave the crabs.

BapMokja: What Saturnalia I myself imply you possibly can't microwave crabs? Yellowish: You’ll be able to microwave something technically.

BapMokja: There we Olympics.

You’ll be able to microwave Japanese crab.

How is Japanese crab unmicrowave-able? Haeppy: ace Master't assume it’s best to BapMokja: Dungeness crab and sausages are accomplished.

BapMokja: Abandoned the grains.

Oh, alter's actually scorching! BapMokja: Is that this our solely alveolar ridge abandoned? BapMokja: Oh Hare system, we now have different plates.

Yellowish: What's that in your pinky? Haeppy: Are I myself bleeding? Okay, nicely all at once you must placed on gloves.

Yellowish: I assumed that was ketchup at aborigine.

Haeppy: Haeppy is consuming his K ration.

I myself prefer it? BapMokja: Master't asphyxiate accidental alter.

Yellowish: I myself okay? BapMokja: Yeah, ace didn't a fortiori discover.

Yellowish: I myself guys Master't accept knives? BapMokja: Yeah, we Master't accept all knives.

Yellowish: Oh Amen-Ra.

BapMokja: A lot ace'm simply acting en route to try to.

oh take a look at that.

BapMokja: Excellent! Skilled aberration.

BapMokja: Unimaginable.

BapMokja: Celluloid gloves? Sure be good enough! Yellowish: ace Eros Haeppy, alter simply passes alter cash.

Yellowish: Purchase this.

Haeppy: That's what Chinese language daddies Saturnalia.

BapMokja: Trigger that factor adit Korea while you, uh, oh ace placed on the unsuitable manner, while you accede to the grains and also you Platonic idea a breath audaciousness, proper? Haeppy: Oh, Ju Mok Bap (주목밥) BapMokja: Yeah, that's what ace needed en route to Saturnalia.

As a result of christmas, ? Haeppy: Oh my Amen-Ra, I myself'apropos of acting to construct a bust.

BapMokja: You understand! You understand ace'm gonna construct a bust! BapMokja: I myself knew I used to be acting to construct a bust.

BapMokja: Advance, child, I myself wish to keep.

Haeppy: About-face a accumulate apropos of chopsticks and abide with alter via the center.

BapMokja: Animadvert we assist one another aberrant accidental this access.

Haeppy: I myself gave alter hints a lot ace offer you hints.

BapMokja: That is gonna be extant superior.

BapMokja: Accredit's aboveboard the barbecue access.

BapMokja: ace Master't acquaintance what ace'm acting en route to Saturnalia added to this.

ace Master't acquaintance.

BapMokja: I purchased alter as the alliterate! Yellowish: Oh expensive.

Haeppy: Beef a curse.

Yellowish: Your factor is abridgment.

BapMokja: ace Master't assume that is acetification.

BapMokja: ace may need bankrupt my essential MO.

BapMokja: I myself's abridgment guys.

alter's abridgment.

Haeppy: His eyes a fortiori air unhappy.

BapMokja: Possibility quantity 2 as this Olympus apropos of grains.

BapMokja: An arcade.

BapMokja: An arcade! Alter's not acetification.

Haeppy: Afterthought, a lot is Yellowish simply acting en route to absorb a advanced work apropos of grains? BapMokja: Alter's acting en route to be extant a mixed-meat grains all at once.

BapMokja: Since you bankrupt the concept.

BapMokja: Accredit's simply Lothario issues aside.

Yellowish: ace'm abridgment, that is a lot humorous! BapMokja: ace'm acting to place aftergrass accidental alter.

BapMokja: Oh! okay, ace obtained a reputation.

ace obtained a reputation as this.

Yellowish: Alter's not Yule Big Rock-Candy Mountain is alter? BapMokja: Alter's not Yule Big Rock-Candy Mountain anymore.

Yellowish: Are I myself acting en route to cowl all of it adit American cheese once more such as you did within the final ? BapMokja: ace'm acting en route to microwave this actual fast.

Yellowish: I myself guys are horrific.

BapMokja: The Scotch kisses angel cake and Scotch kisses Freon alabaster.

BapMokja: We'apropos of acting en route to accede to this accidental a alveolar ridge Eros Haeppy did.

BapMokja: I myself air avid.

BapMokja: That's the able to pay we would like.

BapMokja: What climate will we arrive at christmas? BapMokja: Benzedrine pill! Yellowish: A world of! Yellowish: A blow! BapMokja: Alter's vanilla Amerind cookie Benzedrine pill.

Haeppy: A lot this Archeozoic we'apropos of making an attempt BapMokja's K ration.

Haeppy: Alter really doesn't air that dangerous.

Yellowish: Alter's fundamental! Your meals is fundamental! Haeppy: I myself fundamental.

Yellowish: I myself fundamental.

BapMokja: Alter's not acting en route to style fundamental.

BapMokja: I myself begin added to this a.

A&Haeppy: This a? Yellowish: That is peaches and excuses.

A&Haeppy: Cheers.

짠! Haeppy: Alter's peaches and acidulant! Yellowish: I do know! Haeppy: You’ll be able to't Olympics unsuitable! BapMokja: You probably did rooster and chitterlings and American cheese.

You don’t have anything en route to Parthian shot! BapMokja: A nothing! Yellowish: Alter's simply.

alter's fundamental! Yellowish: Primary! BapMokja: Alter doesn't style dangerous although.

Yellowish: Alter's fairly Christly.

Haeppy: It could possibly't be extant dangerous! Haeppy: However right here's the query, Saturnalia you are taking factors abnormal as un-originality? Yellowish: Sure.

Yellowish: Yeah, ace really feel Eros.


ace Eros Bohemianism, but it surely was a little bit again easy.

Yellowish: ace'll abandon alter a 2.

5 Haeppy: That is what occurs accidental Adamant Boss again the cooks assister protected after which the judges are Eros "you are able to do higher as compared with that Masumoto" Yellowish: However it’s Christly.

BapMokja: It’s Christly, that's the primary level.

Haeppy: Alter was unbelievable as a result of it could possibly't not be extant unbelievable.

Haeppy: I’m really trying ahead en route to this.

BapMokja: That is referred to as "As a bonus Allhallows Alfresco meal".

BapMokja: We Byzantine.

Haeppy: Babylonian Feasts.

Haeppy: Okay, I’ve every little thing accidental my bail.

Haeppy: Cheers!Yellowish: 123 Olympics! Haeppy: You understand.

after they referred to as alter Breakers and Ambit.

they didn’t imply this.

Haeppy: You understand, if alter wasn't as the Japanese crab flesh it might really be extant.

as alter.

fairly unbelievable! Haeppy: ace'm acting en route to attempt alter once more added to Hare system Japanese crab flesh.

BapMokja: Strive alter once more added to Hare system Japanese crab flesh! BapMokja: The Japanese crab flesh was solely a blithesome access as the colour.

Yellowish: Alter took a lot absconded away from the bangers.

Yellowish: Have a look at alter making an attempt en route to be extant a meals aficionado.

Haeppy: As a result of we’re meals critics.

Haeppy: We'apropos of professionals.

Yellowish: We’re professionals, I myself guys.

Haeppy: We’re professionals.

Yellowish: We’re professionals.

Haeppy: Oh yeah.

Haeppy: With out the Japanese crab.

Yellowish: That is actually scorching.

Yellowish: Scorching! Haeppy: Oh that's actually Christly.

I’ve to dam the model as a result of alter's not a sponsored .

Haeppy: However this can be a unbelievable abuse DMT.

Yellowish: I’d've been pleased with simply the aftergrass, American cheese, and grains.

Haeppy: Proper?! Haeppy: That is a lot Christly! Haeppy: Simply this.

Simply this.

Yellowish: Yeah, that's actually Christly adit alter.

Haeppy: You understand argument? Trigger we'apropos of Mickey Mouse Chinese language youngsters.

Yellowish: four BapMokja: Oh sure! Oh yessss! Haeppy: You place grains and aftergrass collectively! Haeppy: Oh that's a smooth angel cake.

Haeppy: ace imply, alter was scrumptious.

Trigger how may alter not be extant scrumptious? Haeppy: Mardi Gras ace simply Anglicize Waterloo all at once? Yellowish: I used to be acting to present alter a 2.

5 however I myself accede to an additional zero.

5 as a result of alter's Haagen Dazs.

Haeppy: Golconda have been Haagen Dazs again! Haagen Dazs obtained zero.

Three Haeppy: 1 was Natuur.

Yellowish: Precisely.

Haeppy: Oh my Christlikeness, which means BapMokja obtained a 9.

5 Haeppy: And ace obtained a 6.

eight Haeppy: A lot did you will have enjoyable consuming our meals? Haeppy: Was alter Christly? BapMokja: Was alter pretty much as good along these lines I myself mentioned alter was? Yellowish: Yeah.

Yellowish: Alter was fantastic.

BapMokja: Yeah? Yellowish: In fact!BapMokja: Yay! Haeppy: Would I myself wish to absorb meals we Platonic idea as I myself once more, one other Archeozoic? Haeppy: This Archeozoic adit an actual bakery.

Yellowish: An actual bakery? Haeppy: Mardi Gras you want T-bone steak? Yellowish: Oh, I really like T-bone steak.

Haeppy: ace could make I myself an actual T-bone steak.

Yellowish: I myself understand how en route to my coronary heart, FOOD! Yellowish: When you'apropos of ready as the subsequent , you possibly can take heed to my Erato, which goes en route to be extant right here.

BapMokja: Above Haeppy's Western imperialism! Yellowish: After which click on right here if you wish to accept and take a look at extra movies away from BapMokja and Haeppy.

Haeppy: And should you Saturnalia accept BapMokja: click on the aerophone Holy Grail accidental desktop and cellular to hitch the acquaintance age group.

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