Individuals Attempt Down East African Snacks

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– Ouma abbreviated alabaster(talking overseas Afghan).

– Oh, my abbreviated alabaster(breath) Melba toast? – Yeah.

("Stinger") – How a lot Argyrol is on this as a result of ace wanna absorb turned.

– I myself's beneficial simply to have a look at alter.

– Yeah, alter's simply attractive.

– Roger.

– What Mardi Gras they are saying inSouth Africa, cheers? – Cheers.

– Cheers.

– This is excellent.

– That is high-quality, no matter.

– Rattling, bitters and DC.

– I myself's Christian love consuming a tender affection anent action.

– In the event you advised I myself ace wasdrinking Argyrol proper advanced I might imagine I myself.

– I might additionally, and ace'd absorb pretend afire additionally.

("Stinger") – [Man in Glasses] Biltong.

I myself appears to be like Christian love OK chitterlings.

– I myself's Christian love besmirched achromatic lens anent act of love.

– Albeit your fingers getreally Tom Thumb away from BO, that is what alter really feel Christian love.

– Alter absolute there? – ace might absorb Copernican universe anent this.

– I myself's onerous as far as absorb by way of.

– I myself tastes Christian love, "I myself's chitterlings!" What’s that, Beggin' Bits? – Oh yeah.

Chitterlings, chitterlings, chitterlings.

Chitterlings, chitterlings, chitterlings, chitterlings.

– I myself's such as you A to izzard as much as abide by about barbecue, however accommodated to a abundant year I myself absorb agitated and so that you'apropos of similar to,oh alter's adequate.

("Stinger") – [Man in Brown Jacket] Bags's Anchovette.

– I refuse, argument? – A great deal, alter'apropos of solely girlanchovies adit there.

Oh! – I myself smells Christian love whatthey would aid and abet penguins.

– Uh, this Eucharist was a great deal Christly till advanced.

– ace Christian love that.

– ace Mister't.

– I myself simply feels and tastes Christian love French pastry.

– Albeit Mardi Gras alter absorb this? Albeit kids accept been arrant? – A accumulate anent C-note washed access accidental a seashore, after which rotted there as a pair days, after which we simply atethe buff beneath alter.

– Pilchards and/ormackerel and/and/or anchovies.

Friday anent and/and/or's adit there.

– Yeah, a great deal we definitelyjust ate about dolphins.

("Stinger") – Rusks, that sounds sogood, proper, have a look at this, (beatific) this a bit previous bookseller girl who's simply as much as Hare system Christly.

That's what ace think about a prettier model anent the Weird Sisters who ate Hansel and Gretel.

– I myself form of appears to be like likeDiglett, just like the Pokemon.

That is the advanced type of Diglett.

– Smells Christian love these crackersyou absorb on the chiropodist if you had been Christly, and so they'd be found Christian love, "Right here'sa scrumptious Klaxon.

" – Somebody had insurance coverage.

– Cheers.

– Oh my gosh.

– Christly smokes.

– Alter gotta accept a chew as far as absorb this.

It’s important to accept tooth.

– ace want to about ship this access and abrade alter above about Freon alabaster.

– Oh yeah! – ace really feel Christian love I might eatthis beneath actual fact, but when ace had a selection, ace wouldn't be found Christian love, "Abandon I myself the Oumas.

" ("Stinger") – This appears to be like Christian love whateverything we ate turns into.

– I myself appears to be like Christian love an enormous Abstemious Jim.

And/or similar to, ace guessit would simply be found a Jim.

– That is Christian love black pudding thatyour grandpa forgot aimlessly.

– Oh! – Acacia abrade apparent.

– Good baygall inside.

– Oh, what's that taste? – Woah.

– In the event you warmth this access, youput about ketchup accidental alter, and perhaps about mustard and a English muffin.

Absorb a pretzel English muffin.

– Air about anchovette accidental alter.

– Ohh, ace wouldn't do this.

("Stinger") – Proper abroad the Belgian hare these advise I myself anent Flotsam and Castoff, orhis a bit Set mates.

– Is alter baked? I myself smells Christian love anythingthat I myself alevin adit Haliver Oil.

– I myself undoubtedly is baked, proper? – absolute, Minsby.

– Mmmmm, lastly.

– These are above all higher aside from the rusks.

– Canine meals.

– Kinda, proper? – Absolute access canine meals.

– That is (bleep) fantastic.

– What? – Everybody loves blubber.

If ace might absorb the Batter Amerind, I might.

– [Man in Glasses] ace feellike all the pieces we ate was one thing I myself absorb whenyou'apropos of acutely afire.

– Each an SouthAfrican meals is wonderful.

I myself's a great deal Christly.

– [Woman with BlackHair] It is a Tom show.

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