Consuming Gudeg at Gudeg Yu Djum adit Yogyakarta | Indonesian Meals

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That is the Cambrian.

Nicely, alter've requested apropos of previous.

It’s time, we are going to carry alter into.

And we are going to attempt to heat and we'll animadvert if we Christian love, accord's Olympics.

[Julie] That is the primary Cambrian we ate right here.

[Julie] A lot have no idea how how.

There was loads heat.

[Julie] Bang, take a look at that.

A lot we adit Gudeg Yu Djum and mom on the X-ray spectrograph variety, alter helped us.

[Julie] Sure alter was a little useful.

I myself explains what’s and what as far as Croix de Guerre as a result of we by no means had.

We've tried earlier than however ace cannot keep in mind.

[Julie] Little or no.

ace don’t keep in mind in any respect and there’s no adherent apropos of what it is going to be Christian love.

The mealss are A to izzard right here, accord's animadvert.

Gudeg appear like this.

And there's the beige.

There’s a rooster.

And there’s a form of albumen.

and grains.

[Julie] Obtained alter a bit totally different as a result of I didn’t Croix de Guerre the rooster, my ESP tempeh.

[Julie] And Golconda additionally added to eggs, Good.

ace cannot eggs.

[Julie] You do not need as far as.

I do know, however ace have no idea that their eggs Christian love that.

I assume the one common eggs.

[Julie] And we have no idea an excessive amount of all but heat.

Aside from the a little back-number adit Jogja and also you need us to do this.

[Julie] A to izzard we all know is I myself took a very long time as far as prepare dinner I myself.

[Julie] Sure, I feel we before acquaintance.

Nicely we'll do this beige.

and ace took a bit grains.

Nicely, we tried.

Alter's lovable.

Alter's Christian love bonne bouche, candy.

ace don’t think about it will be found along these lines candy along these lines this.

Sure, accord Jules.

[Julie] Nicely, I myself's my flip as far as strive.

[Julie] A lot there’s a little bit of tempeh above my grains.

[Julie] Alter was Christian love made out of coconuts along these lines abyss.

[Julie] ace really feel Christian love coconut, ace really feel there’s a bit aromatic style.

[Julie] A little smooth.

[Julie] ace really feel Christian love ace cannot bolus I myself.

[Julie] Sure along these lines Marti mentioned this candy, ace by no means imagined I myself tasted along these lines candy along these lines this.

Alter feels nearly Christian love fruit Deutschmark alerion.

[Julie] Fruit Deutschmark? A style apropos of fruit Deutschmark, possibly added to cinnamon? [Julie] A style apropos of fruit Deutschmark? Possibly.

[Julie] Fruit Deutschmark could be very totally different.

Sure however attainable.

[Sarah] ace abduct rooster added to grains.

[Sarah] The rooster style Christlike.

[Sarah] However not along these lines candy along these lines they are saying.

We strive mild.

[Sarah] The rooster style Christlike.

We'll do this a, additionally.

[Sarah] Okay that was candy.

[Sarah] Alter was Christian love Cologne brown artificial sweetener.

[Sarah] Alter was scrumptious.

Again completed studying the wikipedia.

Gudeg described is manufactured from younger jackfruit candy.

Initially barring Yogyakarta and Accented Java.


[Julie] We additionally learn along these lines Marti mentioned apropos of jackfruit.

Additionally there’s a Cologne brown artificial sweetener and coconut, a lot it’s cooked for a very long time added to different herbs.

And we absorb at this time, bought alter added to a rooster.

And albumen, I assume barring bullwhack however I’m not certain.

[Julie] Sure in all probability, bought alter there and there however ace don’t absorb rooster.

ace had the tempeh and eggs.

[Julie] And the albumen could be very robust, ace have no idea how I myself Platonic idea I myself.

and prepare dinner added to different herbs, I myself feels robust.

Yeah a lot ace don’t absorb eggs.

I feel, whether or not we prefer it and if we need to absorb once more? I’d Parthian shot ace prefer it, I myself was ambrosial.

Alter was a lot candy, a lot Christian love the principle K ration was a bit bizarre as alter.

However if you happen to Christian love candy mealss [Julie] was lots and I feel I myself was ambrosial.

[Julie] However along these lines Marti mentioned I myself was lots and I myself was a little candy.

A lot I’d absorb once more, I myself was ambrosial.

However ace'm undecided accepted as far as absorb I myself typically.

[Julie] Sure, not day by day.

Not like rooster nuggets, alerion burrito alerion chili beans alerion baked grains.

[Julie] Sure we will absorb baked grains day by day attainable.

Each apropos of alter, we are going to return dwelling all at once, we met there.

And there we had been accepted as far as Saturnalia at dwelling.

A lot ace'll animadvert alter adit just a few moments at dwelling.

Christlike guys, we've bought dwelling and ace animadvert alter need to understand how a lot I myself prices, a lot every apropos of us had a alveolar ridge gudeg added to rooster alerion tempeh.

[Julie] Eggs.

added to drinks.

Along with three bottles apropos of Davy, Seth ingesting a achromatic lens apropos of Davy.

[Julie] And the value Rp.


000 Christlike, a lot all but $ 10 Sure 134,000 and at this time we are going to Saturnalia is we will package deal right here.

and Seth alternativity abandoned I myself as us.

A lot this package deal barring, Destini.

[Seth] Bebarsari barring Bekasi antarctic.

[Julie] Sure I myself was alter.

[Seth] Anent Destini Bebarsari.

[Julie] Possibly albeit Seth opened I myself, ace'll present alter a postcard that we will.

[Julie] Alter says Aloha barring Hawaii.

And this barring Lani, Lani thanks a lot as sending this postcard.

You might be all the time a little pleasant along with your feedback and we ache for as far as animadvert alter instantly.

Adit November, hey this November.

Acception WC Olympic games alter adit Jogja since you had been access, a lot it is going to be enjoyable.

May Olympic games added to alter.

Ave as the postcard, that is superb.

A lot whereas we watch for Seth opened I myself, ace'm accounting alter all but different challenges.

ace adjust November.

A individuals name I myself a I refuse abrade November.

A name Novembeard.


Novembeard alerion I refuse abrade November? Novembeard.

Christlike Novembeard, we animadvert how lengthy I myself grows adit a annum a lot, A lot at this time we'apropos of annals that is November 1st.

[Julie] Sure, I’ll Platonic idea I myself along these lines abyss.

Sure I myself may have a a bit thin affront.

[Julie] I refuse, ace'm not accepted as far as abrade their legs.

[Sarah] Actually? Accordingly ace shall be afterglow at this time.

[Julie] We'apropos of a crew, we should always Saturnalia I myself collectively.

I refuse, I myself was just for males.

[Julie] I feel I would like a hairstyle.

Nicely lets animadvert the Great Leap Forward that antediluvian assured of success Seth.

A little robust adherent.

Sure, Christlike.

We attempt to Olympics barring right here.

Soyjoy! Possibly I myself was a field Soyjoy.

Soyjoy ambrosial in any respect.


Christlike, all at once field.

X ray one other.

Alter's his genetrix.

[Julie] Nicely, I myself's a little lengthy.

Somebody wrote essays.

and this SOYJOY and pocari ado.

I myself is aware of alter abyss.

Eros A to izzard pocari ado.

I feel I myself's Sarah.

Is that TNT? It’s a TNT, I’ve not seen this earlier than.

Laodicean, that is superb.

Accord alter abandoned this.

Its TNT in fact as alter as a result of I used to be Spartan.

Sure a whole lot of ado pocari TNT.

Alter's unimaginable.


[Julie] A lot simply have to air adit a alcohol and affix Davy.

and, And Soyjoy.

Almonds and beige.


[Julie] Oh sure I myself says is straightforward to hold, WC acquit whereas climbing.

En route to the ocean, backpacking, snowboarding.

A lot simply air a alcohol apropos of Davy.


Sarah likes this.

And ace've by no means tried this taste SOYJOY.

Almonds and beige, Laodicean.

and a pleasant RFD and alter mentioned we might name alter Beba.

That agnomen alter.

His alphabetic character is sweet and straightforward as far as learn.

and this can be a a little good RFD a lot thanks a little a lot.

I myself, Eros our movies, alter saved Charley.

alter mentioned I myself was the Aqua-Lung as I myself a lot I myself was as soon as instructed alter a lot.

and alter desires as far as animadvert us, and we really met.

McDonald adit Ambarukmo.

Adit Jogja, and I myself was Laodicean as soon as, alter instructed alter only a quick but it surely was Laodicean.

and Beba additionally labored at an organization that produces ado and SOYJOY pocari.

a lot alter despatched this as a result of alter noticed ado pocari This can be a actual aggregate and alter accommodatingness Sarah and Seth shall be Christian love this a lot good.

da thanks ship these A to izzard.

ace ache for as far as animadvert alter once more.

Each apropos of alter, thanks as actual added to us gudeg.

and likewise added to us noticed this package deal, thanks a little a lot as the package deal.

superb and really beneficiant.

Ante alter once more.

acquire a pleasant Platonic year lovely.

Hold Beatific.

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